Master of Athletic Training Courses & Curriculum

The 3+2 Master's of Science in Athletic Training program is a unique combination degree, offering students an opportunity to obtain an Exercise Science undergraduate degree and a Master's degree within a 5-year time period. The course track for the 3+2 MSAT program is highly prescribed for students interested in pursuing the combination degree, mapping a very specific set of LASC, core curriculum exercise science, and master's level athletic training (AT) courses. The primary focus for year one, two, and three of the 3+2 program is to complete all foundational LASC courses as well as the majority of Exercise Science core curriculum classes. Year three marks the "candidacy period" for the aspiring MSAT student. Year four offers a blend of undergraduate exercise science courses in conjunction with a variety of Master's level interdisciplinary coursework, while year five is exclusively mapped for a student to complete the remaining required Master's level courses. Completion of the prescribed coursework confers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science following year four, and a Master's of Science Degree in Athletic Training following year five of the MSAT program. Unique aspects of the MSUM 3+2 MSAT program provide students with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience to become a competent athletic trainer and health care provider. Students will receive a quality interdisciplinary education from experienced professors of exercise science, health, athletic training, health care administration, and nursing. The clinical education component associated with the 3+2 MSAT program will take place in reputable local, regional, and national clinical education sites. Students who have recently completed a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from MSUM or another four-year health/science-related degree from a qualifying institution of higher education may be eligible to complete the MSAT program over a two-year period. All MSAT two-year candidate transcripts would require review by the MSAT Program Director prior to program admission.

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