Dragon Investment Fund Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Dragon Investment Fund started as an investment club. Over the years, donations to the fund came from students, faculty and other interested individuals. It has now evolved into a program that can add value to a student’s qualifications and enable them have real world investment experience. Students learn a variety of investment strategies and results through actual investing of these dollars.

To differentiate you from the masses, MSUM Paseka school of Business has created an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in financial investing. The Dragon Investment Fund is real money managed by students enrolled in the course under guidance of a faculty member. Think of this as Finance outside the classroom! It is a one (1) credit experience and a student can participate by taking the class repeatedly for up to four semesters.

The DIF will allow students to gain practical investment management experience while generating competitive returns. The DIF is expected to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance students' understanding of investment analysis and portfolio management.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to manage money with real time consequences.
  • Provide students with an additional social setting where they can interact with fellow students and engage in a team-oriented process making meaningful decisions.
  • Provide an additional source of funding for merit-based scholarships to School of Business students.

The DIF will give a select group of students an opportunity to practice what they learn while in a School of Business program. Students' involvement in the DIF is expected to contribute positively to their professional, networking and team management skills.

The Dragon Investment Fund is established to help student strategize and plan. It also helps to learn to evaluate companies and their financial health and future potential. Ideally, the students will see their investment strategies pay off by growing the fund through their decisions!

At the completion of this program, depending on how many semesters the student registers for the course, a student can be a SENIOR PORTFOLIO ANALYST. Student gain the skill and experiential learning in the finance world which gives them an edge over others.

Organizational Structure

The DIF will be part of the MSUM Alumni Foundation. It will be advised by an Advisory Board overseeing all investment actions taken by its managers based on discussions with securities analysts working for the DIF. The Advisory Board will include industry practitioners whose service in that capacity will be critical to enhance the learning experience of students involved with DIF.

Program Structure

Students will be invited to apply and will be committed for one academic year. A faculty member will facilitate meetings and coordinate the Advisory Board and student participation in the DIF. There will be:

  • 3-5 managers will be selected among applicants that are in the Master of Science in Accounting and Finance program.
  • 10-15 analysts will be selected among applicants that are undergraduate students enrolled in a School of Business program.

Students, for more information about this class:

Contact any Finance Faculty member

How You Can Help

To create this opportunity for our students, our goal is to grow sponsorship to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). The DIF will follow the MSUM Alumni Foundation’s endowment payout policies. Your tax-deductible gift to this project will make a lifelong impact. The Dragon Investment Fund also intends to establish an advisory board to help with decision making on how to invest funds provided. If you would like to help reach this goal you can donate to the fund.