IRB Proposal Process

All research proposals are submitted through IRBNet.

How To Use IRBNet

IRBNet training documents and videos available:

  • If you have not obtained an IRBNet account, please review the How to Register for IRBNet instructions.
  • New IRBNet users, this helpful IRBNet Training guide will be an invaluable resource, keep it close so you can refer to it throughout the process.
    Also available is this training video, IRBNet Training Energizer entitled Research 1: New Project Submission.
    Login as follows; username: Moorhead, password: training
  • When setting up your User Profile, you will need to link your CITI training under “External Accounts … Add an External Account”. If you would like to add other training (such as NIH) to your profile use “Training & Credentials … Add a New Training & Credentials Record”. This will link your training to all submissions you make on IRBNet.

Information for Students Submitting IRB Proposals

There are a few things to remember to ensure that the proposal review process goes smoothly:

  • Nothing should be submitted to IRBNet until your supervising faculty member indicates that the application form and all other documents are ready for review by the IRB.
  • When you do submit the documents for review, you must provide the name and contact information for the faculty member who is supervising your project. That faculty member must be listed as the Principal Investigator (PI). Please note that it is your responsibility to notify the faculty member that you have submitted documents to IRBNet. He or she will need to log in to the system to sign and submit the submission as the PI. IRB cannot review proposals that are not signed by the supervising faculty member and the faculty member must sign as the PI.

Make sure you understand the Review Process & Timelines to ensure you are submitting your proposal in a timely fashion.

If you have questions or concerns about the online proposal system, please contact us.