MSUM Campus Chaplain

MSUM’s Campus Chaplain is a free resource to all students, faculty, and staff that desire spiritual care. The Campus Chaplain partners most closely with the Care Team, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Wellness Center to provide free support on campus through:

  • interfaith education
  • spiritual wellness opportunities
  • confidential spiritual/emotional care conversations

What is a Chaplain?

The role of a chaplain in state institutions is an interfaith role (similar to chaplains in hospitals, police departments, or the military), providing free confidential listening and spiritual care to all students, faculty, and staff who would appreciate it, regardless of their religious or non-religious backgrounds.

How can students, faculty and staff members personally utilize this resource?

  • Schedule a confidential conversation anytime.
  • Refer a student who may be hesitant to seek counseling services but is in need of a caring conversation.

How is the campus chaplain funded?

The campus chaplain is a contracted position. It is currently funded by the non-profit Crossroads Lutheran Campus Ministry which has been serving MSUM for nearly 70 years. Chaplain Jason wears two hats: one is pastor to Crossroads students, and the other is chaplain to all students, faculty, and staff regardless of their religious or non-religious backgrounds.

Who is the campus chaplain?

Jason Baumgartner is MSUM's campus chaplain.

What are the hours of the campus chaplain?

The campus chaplain is available about three hours a day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

How do I contact the campus chaplain?


Jason Baumgartner,


Local: 218.477.4329


Comstock Memorial Union 120
615 14th Street South
Moorhead, MN 56563