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Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Beka Stone

Meet Beka Stone, the Dragon Swim School Coordinator and Assistant Diving Coach. She coaches the diving committee and runs the swim school program through MSUM.

Tim Downs carries early lessons to MSUM president’s office

Dr. Tim Downs shares his experiences leading up to his role as MSUM's 12th president.

Bringing together Dragons from around the world: Fumi Cheever's journey to MSUM

Fumi Cheever helps international students adjust to campus life and schooling. Her grit through her years as an international student serves her well in her career and getting to know others.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Pam Gohl

Meet Pam Gohl, the new deputy athletic director. She helps oversee the internal operations of the athletics department.  

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Kayla Ficenec

Meet Kayla Ficenec, the new Yellow Ribbon Project Manager. She works with veterans, connected students and families. 

Coffee with Mary Downs: A conversation with MSUM’s First Lady

Mary Down's shares her experiences leading up to her husband's presidency at MSUM.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Dylan Schmit

Meet Dylan Schmit, the new assistant coach for the women’s basketball team. He's helping our Dragons prepare for the season. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Sandie Salisbury

Meet MSUM's new director of Institutional Research and Reporting, Sandie Salisbury. She conducts research and surveys on campus and helps with enrollment.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Katie Demuth

Meet Katie Demuth, MSUM's assistant director of First Year Recruitment. Katie works with incoming students to help them choose and apply to MSUM.


Providing Safe Places

Erienne Fawcett is passionate about creating safe and welcoming areas for students.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Micheal Mellon

Meet Micheal Mellon, a new general maintenance worker for the CMU administrative offices. He keeps the CMU running cleanly and efficiently. 

Goodbye Moorhead

President Anne Blackhurst says goodbye after 12 years at MSUM.