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Kay Beckermann and innovation in the Advertising & Public Relations industry

Kay Beckermann, an assistant professor in the School of Communication & Journalism at MSUM, recently reinvigorated the student-run agency MSUM Flypaper Creative Services in August of 2021.

A home away from home

Moyinoluwa (Mo) Abiola ‘17, a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs, knows the importance of connecting with the people around her in a place she loves. 

Event production partnership elevates EIT program, creates new opportunities for students

Show Imaging brings industry insights, advises on curricula and technology and offers internships for students.

MSUM student powwows his way back home

Dennis, a part-time MSUM student in art education, shares his gift with Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding communities as the powwow’s head male dancer.

TAG partnership offers new opportunities for children in the area

MSUM—in collaboration with the North Dakota Association of Gifted Children (NDAGC)—created the MSUM x TAG program, a project-based learning experience created for exceptional learners.

The voice of a community

Amy Iler earned her BS in communication studies at MSUM in 2006 and continues to give a voice to those in the F/M area as a radio host for KFGO. 

Passionate teaching for special needs

Jacy Bata’s passion for her career keeps her learning and growing as a special education teacher in Langdon, N.D. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Erienne Fawcett

Meet Erienne Fawcett, MSUM’s new coordinator of gender and sexuality for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She is located in the Women’s Center and aims to serve and advocate for all students.   

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Alex Kuraev

Meet Alex Kuraev, MSUM’s new assistant director of international recruitment & enrollment for the Center of Global Engagement. Alex works with international students to help them enroll at MSUM.

MSUM Design and animation students team up to develop a game celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion

Angela Konz, a graphic communication major, and her partner Rebecca Zych, an animation major, created a Halloween-themed video game called “The Great Halloween Kerfuffle” for this year's conference. 

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Zinnia Marquette

Meet Zinnia Marquette, MSUM’s new diversity and inclusion coordinator. She collaborates with campus organizations to help underrepresented students achieve success. 

Helping Kids Feel Like They Belong

Xavier Reed secured a corporate job before he graduated from MSUM. A year later, he quit and pursued his second career and first passion: education.