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MSUM students submit research to NASA

Students Mara DeRung, Emily Watson and Tanner Weyer gathered research for NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission. 

Skyward eyes find common ground through the planetarium

As the MSUM Planetarium celebrates its 50th anniversary, it reflects on the many students, faculty and staff who have helped shape its success over the past half century. 

MSUM Planetarium sparked big dreams for creative astronomer, filmmaker

Mary Dodge came to MSUM expecting to study English, then took an astronomy class that led to a lifelong career in planetariums and film-making.

Exploring the Universe and Beyond

For the past 50 years, the MSUM Planetarium has been a place for inspiration and exploration. The planetarium’s director, Sara Schultz, expects it will play that role for another 50 years.

Planetarium Job Leads To NASA Career

2022 marks the MSUM Planetarium's 50th anniversary. After a half century of inspiring a curiosity in what exists beyond our sky, the people behind the Planetarium honor its significant milestone by sharing the historical orbit of this community asset.

A Chemistry Degree Twice as Valuable

Charlie Lien ’22 is the first graduate of a dual degree program in chemical engineering thanks to a partnership between MSUM and UND.

Physics alumna to share continuing research in SAC keynote address

Working in research is all about sharing your experience with others. Dr. Heather Cegla (they/them) is doing just that by engaging with students as the keynote speaker for the 24th Annual Andrew B. Conteh Student Academic Conference (SAC).

Physics Graduate Plays Key Role in Appareo's Emergency Ventilator Project

Damith Rozairo, a 2009 MSUM physics graduate, played an essential role in Appareo’s emergency ventilator project to provide critical resources during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Making a Big Difference

A unique program aims to encourage more MSUM physics students to follow Conduah into the field of medical physics, the Bachelor of Science degree in physics with emphasis in medical physics.