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Alumna on Pulitzer Prize-winning team for George Floyd and related story coverage

Visual Journalist Shari Gross is on staff at the Star Tribune, which won a Pulitzer Prize this year. Their coverage of the George Floyd murder and the reverberations that followed will make a difference in that community and beyond.

Communication students gain hands-on experience in unique Forum partnership

This fall, MSUM communication students have the distinct opportunity to work with Forum Communications through an apprenticeship program, offering the chance to collaborate with Forum staff and their peers.

MSUM Students Produce COVID Documentary

Students in the COMM 440 class produced and directed the documentary, "MSUM: Under the Mask," which follows students, faculty and staff at MSUM during the pandemic.


Unseen is dedicated to thwarting human trafficking and impacts lives around the world by partnering with organizations that directly rescue victims from the clutches of forced services and despair.

Creating Entrepreneurs

MSUM’s vigorous academic focus on entrepreneurship intends to subtly inform and shift how students think about work, social innovation, marketing, finance, life.

Revolutionizing Youth Fundraising

If you have kids, or know kids, who are in youth activities, you’ve likely bought one to dozens of items to support them and their organizations.