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Coffee with Mary Downs: A conversation with MSUM’s First Lady

Mary Down's shares her experiences leading up to her husband's presidency at MSUM.

Juggling single parenthood, college with a village's support

Tara Carlson is a single parent and MSUM alum. She shares how she was able to balance parenting while being a college student.

MSUM awarded $6.7 million to address mental health needs

Professional help is on the way to PK-12 schools struggling to fill mental health vacancies, thanks to a five-year grant.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Dylan Schmit

Meet Dylan Schmit, the new assistant coach for the women’s basketball team. He's helping our Dragons prepare for the season. 

18 Online Partnership Serving Educators Statewide

Jessalyn Canavan’s experience through the 18 Online program has aided her work and confidence in the classroom.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Sandie Salisbury

Meet MSUM's new director of Institutional Research and Reporting, Sandie Salisbury. She conducts research and surveys on campus and helps with enrollment.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Katie Demuth

Meet Katie Demuth, MSUM's assistant director of First Year Recruitment. Katie works with incoming students to help them choose and apply to MSUM.


Let me create my own name

Simone LeClaire’s films are a study of self-expression and exploration. The MSUM film production graduate is a recipient of the Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship.

Providing Safe Places

Erienne Fawcett is passionate about creating safe and welcoming areas for students.

Finding Solutions by Helping the Forgotten

Miranda Bernier found her passion at MSUM and has become a school psychologist, making a difference in kids lives everyday.

Art education alum turned one-woman business

Catie Miller is an artist turned one-woman business. She has used her art degrees to benefit the community we know and love.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Micheal Mellon

Meet Micheal Mellon, a new general maintenance worker for the CMU administrative offices. He keeps the CMU running cleanly and efficiently.