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    One World, One Sky - SmallOne World One Sky

    January 9 - March 13 (*Except the weekend of February 27 & 28 due to LaserFest) | Saturdays at 11 am & Sundays at 2 pm

    One World, One Sky is a brilliant spectacle of light and color as the furry friends watch the stars twinkle over Sesame Street. Children attending the show can interact as they watch, draw constellations and count the time it takes the sun to set. The show aims to nurture a child's natural sense of wonder about the night sky while forging cross-cultural connections, and bridging kids across nations through a common bond in learning about the sky together. This show was a big hit with our public show audiences.
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    Special Events

    Romance Under the StarsRomance Under the Stars

    February 12 - 14, Valentine’s Day Weekend  |  7:00 pm

    Treat you and that special someone to a romantic night like none other. Take in the beauty of the heavens and learn about some of the romantic tales tied to the sky. Join us for a special tour of the Cosmos, as we explore romantic constellations in our night sky, and visit the most breathtaking places in the Universe.

    Tickets will be available online and at the door.
    Special Event Pricing - $20 per pair of tickets, purchase tickets online. Adults only.

    LaserfestLaserFest 2016

    February 25 - 29

    Our 3rd Annual LaserFest returns to the MSUM Planetarium!
    Come rock out under the dome in an experience like none other in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Treat your senses to pulsing beats, incredible imagery and dazzling laser light effects. Featuring music from over five decades, hearts, eyes and ears will enjoy the beautiful colors and laser art set to a collection of musical delights in an immersive visual environment. From Rock to Pop, Metal to Alternative there is sure to be something for the whole family.
    Tickets will be available online and at the door.

    Coming Soon

    Cosmic Origins SpectrographNEW! Cosmic Origins Spectrograph

    Watch for show dates and times.

    Explore the unseen universe!
    See the cosmos through the Hubble Space Telescope's exquisite ultraviolet instrument, from hot young stars to distant quasars. Cosmic Origins Spectrograph is a fulldome look at the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph instrument installed on the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009 during Servicing Mission 4, as well as the science behind its utility. The show covers the basics of spectroscopy at a high level, and touches on the processing of galactic and extragalactic gas. Other topics include the use of quasars as background light sources, cosmic evolution, and the development of large scale structure.

    Admission* (cash or check only)

    New rates effective September 1, 2015

    • $6.00 - General Admission
    • $3.00 - Children (12 & under), Seniors (55+) and Tri-College Students

    *Prices for special events vary. Check show details for prices.

    The Planetarium is located in Bridges Hall, Room 167. Please call 218.477.2920 with questions.