• The MSUM Summer Kodály Institute has recently received national endorsement from OAKE (Organization of American Kodály Educators) and is one of only 25 OAKE-endorsed programs in the United States.

    The Summer Kodály Institute is a graduate-level program designed for qualified educators and supervisors at every level of musical instruction from elementary, junior and senior high school through college and university. To achieve a Graduate Certificate in Kodály, you must complete all three sequential courses in the program. The courses are taught by an exceptional and passionate group of certified Kodály instructors in a friendly, supportive, and educationally focused environment.

    The Kodály philosophy of music education is a sequential, child developmental program based on folk songs and art music. The concept is an experience-based approach to teaching that leads to literacy through the development of basic musical skills and musicianship by reading, writing and performing music. Participants will peer teach, perform in an ensemble, conduct, expand repertoire materials and improve personal musicianship.

    2020 Kodaly Summer Music Institute Level 1 & 3: July 6-19, 2020


  • The 2020 Kodály summer music institute is July 6-19. If you have questions regarding Kodály please contact us.

    Materials for all classes

    1. Computer/tablet or notebook for taking notes
    2. Staff paper
    3. Two binders, one for handouts and one for building song collection
    4. Tuning Fork (A440)

    Pedagogy and Folksong Literature

    1. Kodaly Today – Michael Houlahan and Philip Tacka
    2. 150 American Folk Songs to sing, read, and play – Peter Erdei and Katalin Komlos
    3. Sail Away, 155 Folk Songs to Sing, Read, and Play - Eleanor G. Locke (level 2 only)


    1. Classical Canons – Antal Molnar and Laszlo Agocsy
    2. 333 Reading Exercises – Zoltan Kodaly
    3. 50 Easy Two-Part Exercises – Denise Bacon
    4. 77 Two-Part Exercises - Zoltan Kodaly (level 2 only)

    Conducting and Choir  

    1. Conducting and Choir music will be available for purchase in class

    Optional Texts

    1. American Methodology – Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson
    2. Sail Away: 155 American Folk Songs to Sing, Read, and Play – Eleanor Locke
    3. Building Beautiful Voices – Paul Nesheim and Weston Noble
    4. Any folk song collections of your own and any materials on choral warm-ups