Undergraduate & Graduate Personal Property or Service Charge Rates

Depending on the undergraduate and graduate course taken, you may be assessed a personal property or service charge fee at MSU Moorhead.

The rates reflected below are for Fall 2022-Summer 2023.

Course Charge per Course Purpose
ART 234 $110.00 Field trip
ART 450 $110.00 Field trip
CJ 290 $150.00 EMS supplies, processing and certification for CPR/First responder
COUN 613 $37.90 Strong Interest Inventory/MBTI Assessment
ED 460M, 460S, 461S, 461V $25.00 Per credit charge - Cooperating teacher stipends
ED 785 $18.95 Course manual
EECE 480E, 481C, 481E, 481V $25.00 Per credit charge - Cooperating teacher stipends
HSAD 468 $42.00 Per credit charge- Background check w/fingerprints
MHA 692A $42.00 Per credit charge- Background check w/fingerprints; TCCP- Passport
MUS 150C, 150D, 154A, 154B, 155A, 155J, 156A, 156B, 156C, 156D, 156E, 157A, 157B, 157C, 157D, 157E, 158A, 158B, 158C, 158D, 158E, 158F, 159, 254, 255A, 255J, 256A, 256B, 256C, 256D, 256E, 257A, 257B, 257C, 257D, 257E, 258A, 258B, 258C, 258D, 258F, 259, 354, 355A, 355B, 355J, 356A, 356B, 356C, 356D, 356E, 357A, 357B, 357C, 357D, 357E, 358A, 358B, 358C, 358D, 358F, 359, 450, 454, 455A, 455J, 456A, 456B, 456C, 456D, 456E, 457A, 457B, 457C, 457D, 457E, 458A, 458B, 458C, 458D, 458E, 458F, 459 $300 Per credit charge- Private music lesson
MUS 320B & MUS 330B $75.00 Music field trip
NURS 270 $965.50 ATI Essentials Optimal Bundle; background study; vSim, UbiSim and My Clinical Exchange software and stethoscope kits
NURS 280 $580.00 ATI Essentials Optimal Bundle
NURS 301 $42.00 MN DHS study
NURS 361 $580.00 ATI Essentials Optimal Bundle, vSim, Swift River
NURS 642P $42.00 Background study
NURS 644P $42.00 Background study
PSY 620 $120.00 Background check, video assessment
PSY 723 $55.00 Background check through CastleBranch
STL 481E $25.00 Per credit charge - Cooperating teacher stipends
SW 469 & 469V   Cost is based on miles from MSUM