Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Certificate

What is CRM Certification?

CRM certifications is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) certificate that teaches you the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product, focusing on the sales and marketing modules. You learn the fundamentals of project management and consulting skills. The certificate equips you to work in the CRM industry as a consultant, account manager or sales person. It also adds to the your marketability or the industry professionals’ promotability because every industry, role, and career path benefits form having an employee who understands how to manage the customer loyalty and marketing process. At completion of the CRM certificate, you earn an MSUM issued Certificate, a Microsoft Student Certificate and are qualified to sit for the Microsoft CRM Sales and Marketing Industry Certification.

Delivery Method
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) certificate classes are offered online or on campus to meet your work life needs.

Project Leadership Fundamentals
Being CRM certified, you will be able to describe the fundamentals of project team, project leadership, stakeholder and communication management, and the fundamentals of people management on a project.

Customer Relationship Management Concepts
You will be able to compare and contrast the basic concepts of customer relationship management and how these concepts manifest themselves into business strategy as well as each phase of the customer lifecycle.

Customer Relationship Management Tools
You will be able to apply sales, basic marketing, and data analysis techniques and tools in real-life situations using customer relationship management software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application Certification
If the graduate chooses, they can use the resources presented, provided, and practiced during this program to prepare and take the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application exam.

Consulting Fundamentals
The graduate will be able to explain and apply both the theoretical and practical application of guiding a customer through buying decisions, requirements gathering, scope definition, and managing customer conflict.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Certificate Requirements