Commercial Music Graduate Careers

Where Commercial Music Alumni Work

We’re proud of the work our alumni are doing. Whether they’re instructing future musicians; writing, composing and arranging music; or working behind the scenes in various technical roles, our alumni are exceptionally equipped to enter the workforce with their diverse skill set. Your career opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

  • Freelance performers/arrangers/composers across the country
  • Songwriting instructor, Trollwood Performing Arts School
  • Talent management, Berklee College of Music
  • Technical director, Sample Night Live
  • Chairman, Town Square Television
  • Program director, Leighton Broadcasting
  • Owner, Evergroove Studio
  • Co-founder/producer, Audio Houndz Publishing Group
  • Director of special projects, Chicago Humanities Festival
  • Sales professional, Eckroth Music
  • Assistant professor of music composition and technology, Minnesota State University-Mankato
  • Music coordinator, Red River Zoological Society
  • Supervisor of sound services, Concordia College
  • Owner, Soundlife Music
  • Sales and marketing coordinator, Showcore Inc.
  • Owner, Bellinghome School of Music