Planetarium Directions & Parking

The planetarium is located on the MSU Moorhead campus in Bridges Hall on 11th Street South between 7th and 9th Avenues South. The easiest way to find the planetarium is to drive down 11th Street South (the one-way street on the west side of campus). Driving down 11th Street South, there are three large buildings on the left: Hagen Hall, Bridges Hall and Owens Hall. The planetarium is located in the middle building, Bridges Hall room 167. If entering the south entrance, take the first right and the planetarium is just before the elevator. If you are entering by the ramp on the south end of the building, go to the first hallway to the right. The planetarium entrance is next to the elevator.

MSUM Planetarium Map

During the Show

The planetarium is handicapped accessible and holds up to six wheelchairs. Maximum seating is 62. No food or drink is allowed in the planetarium. We encourage use of the restroom before arrival or before the show starts as restroom facilities are limited. Please advise your group to avoid talking loudly and to be considerate of students attending classes in our building. Programs last 50 minutes, including time for questions. Programs for younger audiences can be adapted for shorter attentions.

Planetarium Parking

You may pull into the bus stop area to drop off passengers, but please do not park there. Parking is free after 4:30 p.m. weekdays and all weekend, except for a few 24-hour reserved spots which are clearly labeled. Most of the parking lots are located west of 11th Street South or north of 9th Avenue South. All buses and cars must be parked elsewhere. You may park on the streets nearby, or you may request permits from the MSUM Parking Office, located at 1616 9th Avenue South in the Parking/Security building. There are no guest permits for buses, and it is suggested that bus drivers drop off their passengers and return in 50 minutes.

MSUM Campus Map