Life Transformed Brand Promise

MSUM transforms lives through exceptional student/faculty engagement.

Elevator Speech

At MSUM, faculty and staff know students by name. This one-on-one attention makes a student's experience special and is what sets the stage for a transformation of their lives.

The Brand Foundation

Our normal school legacy establishes our identity and service ethos. It directly influences the nature of student/faculty relationships. We started as a teachers college and continue as a teaching university retaining the best attributes of teaching and learning, most significantly the strong commitment of teachers to their students.

Faculty & Student Engagement

The quality of student/faculty engagement is MSUM's key differentiator. Personal attention to individual students lies at the heart of these relationships. Deep student/faculty engagement sets up an individual student's exploration and unique "moments of discovery," ultimately transforming their life.

Explore & Discover

Exploration and discovery are the central acts made possible by the deep engagement of faculty and students. It's the pivot point in the transformative experience, linking their past and future. No two experiences are identical. Students bring their unique backgrounds to their relationships with faculty members, which sets in motion a sequence of events leading to profound moments of discovery and transformation.

*The use of the words "student/faculty engagement" is understood to mean that extensive student engagement occurs with MSUM faculty and staff and that these relationships collectively form a meaningful part of a student's educational experience.