Past Presidents of MSUM

From 1888 to the present, Presidents of Minnesota State University Moorhead have left a mark at the university.

12th President of MSUM, Tim Downs 2023-present
Tim Downs 2023-present
11th President of MSUM, Anne Blackhurst 2014-2023
Anne Blackhurst 2014-2023
10th President of MSUM, Edna Mora Szymanski 2008-2014
Edna Mora Szymanski 2008-2014
9th President of MSU, Roland Barden 1994-2008
Roland Barden 1994-2008
8th President of MSU, Roland Dille 1968-1994
Roland Dille 1968-1994
7th President of MSU, John Neumaier 1958-1968
John Neumaier 1958-1968
6th President of MSUM, knoblauch.jpg
Arthur Knoblauch 1955-1958
5th President of MSU, O.W. Snarr 1940-1955
O.W. Snarr 1940-1955
4th President of MSU, Ray MacLean 1923-1940
Ray MacLean 1923-1940
3rd President of MSU, Oliver Dickerson 1920-1923
Oliver Dickerson 1920-1923
2nd President of MSUM, Frank Weld 1899-1919
Frank Weld 1899-1919
1st President of MSUM, Livingston Lord 1888-1899
Livingston Lord 1888-1899