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Dragons Who Serve: Lieutenant Maiah McCowan

Air Force member has balanced being on active duty and getting two master’s degrees at MSU Moorhead. 

Dragons Who Serve: Wendy Gibson

Today we honor Wendy Gibson, an MSUM employee who served nine years in the United States Army. 

Dragons Who Serve: Parker Wood

We honor Parker Wood, a senior at MSUM studying elementary education. He will soon begin service with the North Dakota Air National Guard.

Dragons Who Serve: Molly Johnson

Today we honor veteran Molly Johnson, a senior at MSUM studying ecology and evolutionary biology with a geospatial analysis emphasis. Molly is from Moorhead and was inspired to join the military through her family, as many of them also served. Her sister Heidi was in the army band prior to moving to Colorado and her other sister Ali served as an Air Force medic. Molly’s mom worked as a social worker for soldiers at the armory in Fargo and her father is captain of the Fargo Fire Department. 

Dragons Who Serve: Justin Kester

Today we honor veteran Justin Kester, a first-year computer science student at MSUM. Justin’s experience in the military lent a hand in determining their major in school.  

Dragons Who Serve: Jon Bauer

Today we honor Jonathan Bauer, a second-year animation major at MSUM. He is originally from Montgomery, Minn. Jonathan served in the Army for three and a half years in active duty as a wheeled vehicle mechanic and wrecker operator. He first served in Camp Casey, South Korea, then in Fort Drum, New York.  

Dragons Who Serve: Brenda Norris

Today we honor veteran Brenda Norris, a staff member here at MSUM. Brenda is the Executive Director for Facilities Management and prior to that she worked on campus as a consultant on several capital building projects, beginning in 2002.   

Celebrating Dragon Veterans 2021 – Peyton Schwehr

Dilworth native Peyton Schwer is in his first year at MSUM studying computer information systems.

Celebrating Dragon Veterans 2021 – Jim Sterling

Jim’s military service began with the U.S. Coast Guard, where he served aboard a cutter and at the Special Services unit in Yorktown, Va

Celebrating Dragon Veterans 2021 – Amy Leupp

Amy Leupp served four years in the U.S. Airforce station in a Combat Comm unit, which required staying under 24-hour deployment notice.

Celebrating Employee Dragon Veterans 2020

We proudly honor all veterans who have served our country and recognize a few of our Dragon veterans for their commitment to serve and to protect.

Celebrating Dragon Veterans 2020 - Andrea Bertram

Andrea Bertram served 6 years as a 42 Alpha (42A) in the Minnesota National Guard at Camp Ripley in Little Falls, Minn. She credits her service for pushing her out of her comfort zone into different leadership roles, changing her civilian life, and giving her the strength to be confident.