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Serving the Best & Brightest

Dennis Dahlen earned his MBA at MSUM in 1986. Now he is CFO at one of the most recognized health care institutions in the world.

Mentorship Program Helps Student Make Important Decisions

The student gets connected with someone that can give them insight into the reality of the career path they are pursuing.

MSUM Alumni Operate Successful Moving Business

Midwest West Moving Company was started four years ago by three former MSUM Dragons.

MBA Student Opens Unique Restaurant in Downtown Fargo

Minnesota State University Moorhead student Aleyah Fettig and co-owner Nat Nongnuang launched Sushi Burrito Café in January 2021.

Students of the Sphere

At MSUM, diversity is active and alert. For professors, addressing diversity head on is part of their job, and for students, discovering it begins in the classroom.