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Luke Meyer's First Lesson

Fall 2023 Commencement speaker Luke Meyer shares what he learned in his time as a Dragon and why he's choosing to embrace the uncomfortable. 

Jenny Glenski's leadership in AI innovation

Jenny Glenski ('13) has received MSUM's 2023 Outstanding Young Alumni Award. 

Lonni Schultz paving the way for health research

Lonni Schultz ('82) has received one of MSUM's 2023 Distinguished Alumni awards.

Newton's Law of Cooling Applied to Jack's Pizza

Matthew Davis, Luke Meyer, and Max Sheridan have applied Newton’s Law of Cooling to answer a burning question: what is the perfect temperature to enjoy a slice of Jack’s pizza?

A SMART Start to College Life

For Chloe Flynn, making valuable connections in MSUM’s SMART Start program helped ease the transition from high school to college.

New math scholarship rewards well-rounded students

Dragon Pride runs deep for Tim and Kathy Peil. Beyond their legacy in the classroom, the Peils impact students by creating a scholarship and making a planned gift through their estate.

Falling in love with the stars: Robin Ladd

Robin Ladd grew up in rural North Dakota, where the stars in the night sky were easily viewed. But it was the stories about the constellations that attracted the 1982 MSUM graduate to her first astronomy class. This eventually led to her working at the MSUM planetarium.

Foundation Board Member Feature: Brad Wimmer

Current MSUM Foundation Board President Brad Wimmer '76 (education, mathematics minor) brings positivity, knowledge and enthusiasm to the group.

Vibrant math prof, alumna remains loyal supporter for past 50 years

Shelda Warren has always had a problem sitting still. For nearly 50 years, she poured much of that extra energy into education at MSUM – her own and that of students of all ages.