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  • Paul P. Feder Observatory

Regional Science Center

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  • Paul P. Feder Observatory

    The MSUM Regional Science Center observatory is named after Paul P. Feder. He and his wife Betty were original supporters of the Regional Science Center, and major contributors for this observatory.

    The observatory contains a 16-inch cassegrain reflecting telescope. It is a powerful telescope, run by two computers, one in charge of aiming it, and the other in charge of recording images. The system uses sensitive electronic cameras to record images. Images are shown on the computer monitors in the control booth and may also be projected on a large screen in the auditorium.

    The telescope is used for public programs, undergraduate college instruction, and research.

    The telescope is powerful enough to see a candle flame 100 miles away. To do so take a mirror that collects 4,000 time more light than the average human eye.