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  • Emergency Notification System

    MSUM's emergency notification system e2campus allows the campus community a choice to receive emergency text alerts (cell phone), emails, and telephone calls to communicate emergency information quickly, regardless of your location. During an emergency, university officials will send an emergency communication to registered community members with the location, specific emergency and recommended safety measures. The message will be brief and to the point. Additional information will be disseminated through an all-community email as soon as it is available. The system is for major emergencies only and for nothing else. You must register to receive alerts. Registration is voluntary but highly encouraged.

    The e2campus emergency notification system is designed as an "opt-in" program. This means all you have to do is log on to http://msumapps.mnstate.edu/security/ecampus and complete the registration process. You will be able to add your email and two cell phone numbers of your choice that you want the emergency alerts sent to. (Remember when signing up you will need your cell phone with you for validation purposes and a text enabled phone.)

    For those that do not have a cell phone or a text enabled cell phone here are some additional options. You can input a landline number and an email address of your choosing into the system and we will alert you with a recorded emergency message.

    However, if you are an employee of MSUM key department and office numbers have already been uploaded in the system. When you sign up to the service it's recommended that you do not input any 477.XXXX-MSUM numbers into the system. There are certain limitations with our PBX phone system and we want to make sure that duplicate phone calls are not occurring.

    When you sign up, your information is secure and not viewable by third parties. You can be confident that you will be receiving only time sensitive emergency messages.

    If you have any questions please send an email to e2campus@mnstate.edu or call 218.477.2449.