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  • Wireless Installation for Macintosh

    Follow these instructions to configure your Macintosh laptop for use on the MSUM wireless network.

    In order to configure and use the Wireless services provided by MSUM, you must:

    • Be on campus at MSUM.
    • Be a current Student, Faculty, or Staff member at MSUM.
    • Have a valid MSUM Email username and password.
    • Have Mac OS X 10.2.8 (32-Bit) or later. Not sure? Click here.
    • Have an Apple AirPort or AirPort Extreme card installed.


    Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Connect to the MSUM Wireless Network
    The wireless network "msum-wireless" is the same for all areas on campus. To select the network, go to the Airport icon in the top right hand side of your menu bar (usually next to the Volume control icon) and select "msum-wireless".

    When you connect on campus, you should connect to the "msum-wireless" network. If you connect to any other network on campus, please disconnect from it immediately and notify the IT department at #2603. Any other wireless network on campus is most likely not authorized and maybe be incorrectly setup leaving your privacy and personal data at risk.

    Step 2: Install VPN Client Software
    MSUM uses Cisco VPN software to encrypt your connection and authenticate users to the Wireless network providing you additional data security.

    If you need help determining which version of the Mac OS X (32-Bit) you are running please click here.

    • If you are running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger 32 Bit, please download this version of the Cisco VPN by clicking here.
    • If you are running Mac OS X 10.3.9 Panther or Mac OS X 10.2.8 Jaguar 32 Bit, please download this older version of the Cisco VPN by clicking here.

      The VPN software is delivered in standard Apple disk image format (*.dmg) meaning if you double click on the downloaded file, a virtual disk should mount on the desktop. The disk image should be named "CiscoVPNClient" or "MSUM Cisco VPN Client" for the newer version. You should open up the disk image and double click the "Cisco VPN Client.mpkg" installer file.
    • Follow the instructions in each Installer screen and the installer will extract the files and perform the installation. Restarting is not required on Mac OS X.
    • The installer will place the "VPNClient" application into your Applications folder. For easy access in the future, it is recommended you drag the VPNClient into the Dock for easy launching when you need to make wireless connections. To do this, simply drag the VPNClient application to an area in Dock and the icons will seperate making room for it and let go of the mouse button. The icon should then appear in the Dock with your other applications in the future.


    NOTE: If you follow the steps above and are unable to connect to MSUM-Wireless, bring your laptop to the IT Help Desk on the second floor of the Library by the 24-hour labs when the lab assistants are on duty. The lab assistant will assist you.

    Step 3: Login and use the Wireless Network
    Once you have successfully installed the Cisco VPN Client and are able to connect to "msum-wireless", you will need to login to the network using the VPNClient application:

    1. To do this, launch the VPNClient application either by navigating to Applications -> VPNClient and opening it directly by double clicking or by single clicking the icon in the Dock (if you placed the icon in the Dock, this is not done automatically).
    2. In the "VPN Client" window, click on the "Connect" button. You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your MSUM Dragon Mail username (not your full Email address) for the username and then enter your Email password. Click on "OK" button when finished.
    3. Once authenticated, you will see a banner message that may contain important messages from the IT Deparment regarding Wireless support on campus. Click the "Continue" button to dismiss the message. You can then minimize the VPNClient window by clicking the middle "yellow" button in the title bar of the window. Your computer is now connected and active on the wireless network as long as the VPNClient software is running and connected.
    4. When you are finished with your online session please bring the window up and click on the Disconnect button and exit out of the VPNClient software.

    Each time you want to use the MSUM wireless network in the future, follow the instructions in Step 3.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    For a list of frequently asked questions, please click here.