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    Living on campus at MSU Moorhead is affordable, convenient, educational and fun. It’s an outstanding opportunity to get involved, meet new people and establish new friendships. And it’s a great way to help ensure your academic success. Research shows that students who live on campus achieve higher GPAs, are more likely to graduate and report higher overall satisfaction with their university experience.

    When you live on campus, you’re just steps away from classes, study groups, social gatherings and athletic events. Living on campus is the part of university life that’s not held in a classroom, but teaches you just as much. The people you meet, the relationships you form and the experiences you share will have a positive impact on your college experience and beyond.

  • Download the 2014 Move-In Guide!
    Not sure what to pack? Want information about Dragon Welcome Week? Click HERE to download our Move-In Guide or visit our Facebook page at to download the guide.

    Your 2014-2015 Room Assignment is Complete!
    To find out where you are living on campus and who your roommate is, login to the MSUM eServices portal at and click on the Housing and Dining tab.

    Meal Plan Information
    If you would like to view or change your meal plan, you may do so in eServices before August 8th. If you do not select a meal plan, the default of 14 meals/week with $200 Dragon Dollars will be selected for you.

    If you have questions about your meal plan, room assignment, or move-in day, contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life at or at 218-477-2118.

  • July 31st: Summer Housing ends for JN Apartments

    August 1st: John Neumaier Apartments Move-In Day
    August 8th: Summer housing ends

    August 20th: Move-In Day
    August 20th-22nd: Orientation
    August 25th: All classes begin

  • Mission

    Housing and Residential Life strives to provide a comfortable and safe environment that fosters community, personal growth and academic success.