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  • Upper Class Student Scholarships


  • Available to students pursuing their first MSUM undergraduate degree who have completed at least 12 MSUM credits by the end of the current fall semester and not be subject to academic or financial aid suspension.  Applicants must be full time students (12 or more credits) each semester at MSUM.


    Deadline has passed for 2015-2016 applications.



    Students in the second semester of the sophomore year or later, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater are eligible to apply. Current MSUM and incoming transfer students are eligible to apply. A letter of endorsement from an MSUM faculty member, proposing how the applicant will be engaged in an apprentice relationship under the faculty member's supervision, must be submitted along with the application. The scholarship is $5,000 per year for tuition for the final two years of a student's attendance.


    Deadline for 2015-2016 has passed.


     For more information on the Honors Apprentice Program click here.


    Available to upper class students through some academic departments on campus. Check with the department of your major. The departments have their own application and awarding process.


    Named in recognition of the people who founded our University. They created an educational opportunity that has enriched lives since 1888. Long ago our students were affectionately known as "scramblers," because they came from modest means, worked hard, and left with a brighter future. Thanks to the founders, our heritage is comprised of success, service, and citizenship.

    The Founders Scholarship is a competitive $2,500 need-based scholarship awarded once to students who embody these exemplary characteristics. The scholarship is named in recognition of MSUM Founders and funded by specific gifts and proceeds of the annual Founders Gala.


    Students eligible to apply:

    • Officially admitted to Minnesota State University Moorhead as a freshman, or undergraduate transfer student or a currently enrolled MSUM undergraduate student (replaces previously awarded freshman, upper class or transfer scholarship);
    • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA for high school and current MSUM students (end of Fall 2015), or previous college GPA for transfer applicants;
    • Applicants must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits hours per semester at MSUM;
    • Applicants must be seeking their first undergraduate degree;
    • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident status;
    • Results of the 2016-2017 FAFSA must be received by MSUM Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid by the application deadline of April 24, 2016. Because this is a need-based scholarship, the estimated family contribution computed by FAFSA must be less than 16,500 to apply for the scholarship.
    • Students previously awarded a Founders Scholarship are not eligible to apply.

    Scholarship continuation: A 3.0 cumulative MSUM GPA at the end of fall 2016 semester is required to retain scholarship eligibility spring 2017 semester.



    Deadline has passed for 2015-2016

    Second Start Student Scholarship

    The scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement, as well as contributions to the campus and community through leadership and active participation in events and organizations. Awarded to newly admitted undergraduate students who meet the following criteria:

    1. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen, seeking their first undergraduate degree.
    2. Applicant must be 25 years of age or older.
    3. Applicant must plan to be enrolled for a minimum of 8 credit hours per semester at MSUM.
    4. Applicant must not have attended an institution of higher education as a full-time student within the last three years.

    Second Start Application


    Awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional talent in the areas of art, music, cinema arts and digital technologies or theatre arts. Department faculty select talent awards. Contact the departments directly for more information and application procedures.


    Art & Design  

    School of Media Arts & Design


    Theatre Arts  



    Awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional athletic talent.

    For more information on athletic scholarships, call the Athletic Department at 218.477.2622.