Secure File Transfer

MOVEit Securely is an application licensed through the Minnesota State System that allows you to transfer confidential and large files securely to another person via a secure server. This service is available to faculty, staff, and students with a StarID. For password resets and other StarID support, visit the StarID Self Service page.

As the sender, you can indicate how many days the recipient has to download the file(s) from their MoveItSecurely "in box." Files can be saved for up to 14 days.

How do I log onto MOVEit Securely?

To log onto MOVEit Securely, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the MOVEit Securely login page.
  2. Enter your StarID and password in the fields provided.
    Note: If you do not remember your StarID or password, visit the StarID Self Service page.
  3. Click Login.
  4. Install the Upload/Download Wizard or select Disable the Wizard (for this session only).

How do I send a package through MOVEit Securely?

  1. Click Send a new package.
  2. Complete the New Package page to send your file(s).
  3. To: Enter the recipient's e-mail address in the "To" field. Use a semicolon between each recipient if more than one. Subject: Enter a descriptive subject for your message to the recipient(s).
  4. Note: Enter the body of your message to the recipients.
  5. Files: Click the Browse button to add files for uploading. Click Add another file if you have more than one file to upload.
  6. Once you have selected all files that you wish to send to the recipient(s), click Upload.
  7. Options: Indicate whether you wish to receive a delivery receipt from your recipient(s) and/or prevent your recipients to 'reply all' to you message.
  8. Note that the default expiration period for your package is 14 days. Change the expiration period if you wish.
  9. Click Send to send the package now, or click Save As Draft to send it later.
  10. When you Send,  an e-mail is sent to each recipient with a link to retrieve the file(s).
         Note: If you see a screen with a password for a recipient, that person doesn't already have a MoveItSecurely account for that e-mail address. Make sure to copy the password since you can not retrieve it once you leave this screen. Let the user know their password (Please DO NOT send passwords via e-mail; a phone call or text message is a better option.); in this case, their user name is the e-mail address to which you sent the package.
  11. For any recipient where no password screen is presented: that person already has a MoveItSecurely account, and should use that account to sign in.
  12. When you see the message stating that the package has been sent, click Sign Out.