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  • Meet the Women & Gender Studies Students

Women's & Gender Studies

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  • Meet the Students

    MSUM students are doing amazing things. Our students embrace diversity, challenges, opportunities, unique experiences and continue to produce incredible results. Our students participate in student organizations, attend and present at regional and national conferences, compete at regional and national competitions, collaborate on faculty-mentored projects, gain hands-on experience through internships, help coordinate community service projects, and more. Many have won prestigious scholarships for academic excellence and many have won awards for their stellar work inside and outside of the classroom. See what the students from the Women's and Gender Studies Department are doing.

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  • Student Testimonials

    Suzanne Al-Kayali - Students
    Suzanne Al-Kayali

    Sociology, Political Science
    Women's Studies Minor

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  • Chelsea Norman, Women's and Gender Studies Major 

    "Women’s and Gender Studies classes usually only have 20 to 25 people in them. It’s cool because it allows for that group discussion, which is a big part of a lot of the classes. I really like that aspect of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department."

    "A lot of students hear Women’s Studies and they have this idea of what it is, or think 'I can’t really apply that to what I’m studying' but it can be applied to anything. It shows that you can think about things in a different way, because the courses challenge you to do that and challenge you to think about things you wouldn’t necessarily think about. It will really help any major."

  • Student Snapshots