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  • About Women & Gender Studies

Women's & Gender Studies

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  • About Women and Gender Studies

    The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at MSUM has been ongoing since 1971 and provides an interdisciplinary study of women from the perspectives of the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences. The program offers a Major in Women's and Gender Studies, a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, a Minor in Women's Health and a Women and Science Certificate.

    The Mission

    The mission of the Women's and Gender Studies Program is to foster interdisciplinary academic inquiry and activist work related to women and gender from historical, social, artistic and scientific perspectives.  The core values of the program include tolerance, diversity, empowerment, gender equity, inclusiveness and dedication to feminist ideals.  Our goals are to understand gender, race, class and sexual orientation, break down stereotypes and barriers, create a forum for women's issues, provide a community for feminist scholars and students, and to provide analysis, interpretation, reflection and exploration into women's and gender issues.

    The Curriculum

    The program focuses on the study of women's roles in society and cultures, and on the impact of gender on important issues, such as the workplace, health care, family life, politics and education. The B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies requires a total of 42 credits, including core courses in women's studies, courses in multicultural and global perspectives, and specified electives in two areas: social/natural sciences and art/humanities. The Women's and Gender Studies minor requires 21 credits of cores courses and Women's and Gender Studies electives. The Minor in Women's Health requires 20 credits, including 14 core required courses and 6 electives. The series of courses that comprise the Women’s Health minor provide a gender lens through which to analyze linkages among social, political, ethical and biological determinants of health.  The minor is intended for any students interested in health, society and globalization, and for students planning to enter health professions. The Women and Science Certificate adds to your major a formal study of the philosophy of science and equality issues in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). There is a series of four courses that emphasize issues of these underrepresented groups.