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  • Personal Training

Russell & Ann Gerdin Wellness Center

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  • Personal Training Packages



    Alumni/Community Members/Faculty/Staff

    Non Membership

    5 Sessions




    8 Sessions




    12 Sessions




    Buddy Package

    12 sessions

    $100 per student

    12 sessions

    $205 per person

    12 Sessions

    $300 per person

    What personal training will provide for you!

    • Accountability
    • Customized programs
    • Education on proper form and technique
    • Provide insight on the purpose behind the program design
    • Motivation
    • Setting realistic and obtainable goals
    • Affordable rates for students and staff
    • See and feel RESULTS

    Free Fitness Assessments:

    Will provide a 1-on-1 session with a personal trainer to discuss:

    •  Personal goals
    •  Current health concerns
    •  Assess body composition/measurements
    •  Provide nutritional suggestions to help you reach your goals
    •  Average assessment 30-45 minutes
    •  Guidance to getting started

    To set up an initial meeting regarding personal training and a free fitness assessment, please fill out the form below to start your journey!
    Email forms to or drop it off at the front desk.

    Information & Request Form

    For any other questions, please contact us

    Phone: 218.477.4300