Personal Training

  • Personal training is perfect for getting one-on-one time with an expert who can help you reach your health goals. Personal training at the Gerdin Wellness Center will provide the following:

    • Accountability
    • Customized programs
    • Free fitness assessment
    • Education on proper form and technique
    • Motivation
    • Setting realistic and obtainable goals
    • Affordable rates for students and staff
    • Results you can see and feel

    Personal training packages are available at affordable rates for MSUM students and staff. If you would like to set up an initial meeting regarding personal training and free fitness assessments, or want more information about the services we provide, please complete the personal training form and email it or print and bring it to the Wellness Center.

  • Number of Sessions Students Alumni, Community Members, Faculty & Staff Non Membership
    5 Sessions $80 $130 $175
    8 Sessions $115 $185 $260
    12 Sessions $160 $235 $360
    Buddy Package 12 sessions $100 per student 12 sessions $205 per person 12 Sessions $300 per person

    For any other questions, you can contact us.

  • Free fitness assessments will provide you with a one-on-one session with a personal trainer to discuss personal goals and current health concerns. The average assessment lasts 30-45 minutes, during which a personal trainer will:

    • Assess body composition/measurements
    • Provide nutritional suggestions to help you reach your goals
    • Guidance to getting started

    To set up a free fitness assessment, please fill out the personal training form to start your journey.