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  • Group Exercise Schedule Spring 2016 | August 22 - September 2

    Group Exercise Schedule - Fall 2016
    *Class passes are required only for cycling, and only one is allowed per person. Passes can be picked up at the front desk no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the class start time. Passes will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. Class schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

    *Specialty Classes for additional Punch Card fee. Kickboxing with Muay Thai bags and Bootcamp.

    Class Descriptions

    Barre: Create a lean, firm, sculpted body by combining isometrics and dance conditioning. Experience complete muscles fatigue from this unique exercise format that will quickly and safely reshape and elongate your muscles. (45 minutes)

    BODYPUMP™: The original LES MILLS™ barbell class will sculpt, tone, and strengthen your entire body. Focusing on low weight, high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat and gain strength. (60 minutes)

    Budokon Yoga: A combination of yoga, martial arts, and meditation put together in a graceful, controlled way. (60 minutes)

    Butts & Gutts: A full hour of intense core work. Set to upbeat music, you’ll exhaust your entire midsection and learn new exercises to effectively sculpt the body! This class is for all fitness levels, and is a great way to add a challenging, foundational workout into your busy day. (60 minutes)

    HIIT: A total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body muscular activation with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and challenge your fitness goals. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided. (45 minutes)

    Kickboxing: Kickboxing incorporates a variety of boxing combinations including martial arts to create an intense cardiovascular workout. Kickboxing may also include partner combat and strength training drills to maximize your results. Beginners are welcome, and current members are encouraged to push themselves to new goals of form, stamina, and intensity. Step off the street and into the cage! (45 minutes)

    PiYo™: A unique combination of Pilates, Yoga, flexibility and dynamic balance training. Learn movements that elongate your muscles, strengthen your core, release tension, and improve your posture. (45 minutes)

    Spin: An energizing cycle workout, excellent for beginners and advanced participants alike, with the option to choose your level of intensity. (45 minutes)

    Yoga: Cultivate an energizing breath as your body moves through a series of yoga poses to naturally align the body as you calm the mind. Yoga will invigorate the body and create a peaceful center to prepare you for the demands of daily life. No experience is necessary to participate. (45-60 minutes)

    Yoga Sculpt: A total body workout, Yoga Sculpt classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights are added to create resistance and intensify each pose. This class complements your regular yoga practice while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. All fitness levels welcome. (60 minutes)

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