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Veteran's Resource Center

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    Schedule an appointment to meet with the Higher Education Veterans Programs Regional Coordinator, or staff at the on-campus veteran's center to discuss specific veterans/higher education questions.

    1. Apply for admission through the University Admissions Office.
    2. Send college level transcripts (including military courses) to the college admissions office to be evaluated for transfer credit.
      * Recent legislation in Minnesota requires Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to review military academic transcripts and give appropriate credit based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. 
    3. Submit official high school transcripts.
    4. Submit ACT/SAT scores or complete the appropriate assessment exam.
    5. Visit the Certifying Official on campus. Bring copies of your DD-214 and VONAPP applications if you applied for benefits online. The Certifying official is located in OW 104 218.477.5941.
    6. Apply for your GI Bill (bring DD-214, enlistment contract, NOBE, kicker contract if applicable).
    7. Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA) and supplemental funds.
    8. Meet with an academic advisor or counselor.
    9. View course descriptions
    10. Register for classes.
    11. Apply for Federal Tuition Assistance and State Tuition Reimbursement through your unit admin, if applicable.