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  • Why Treaties Matter

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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  • Why Treaties Matter Exhibit

    September 22-October 10, 2014

    Livingston Lord Library | Second Floor

    Exhibit Focuses on Native Nations in Minnesota and the History of Treaty Making

    “Why Treaties Matter: Self-Government in the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations” is a new traveling exhibition that will explore the Native nations in Minnesota and their history of treaty making with the United States. The exhibition will include 20 free standing banners with evocative text, historical and contemporary photographs and maps, and a 10-minute video titled, “A Day in the Life of the Minnesota Tribal Nations.”

    This exhibit reveals how Dakota and Ojibwe treaties with the U.S. government affected the lands and lifeways of the Indigenous peoples of the place we now call Minnesota, and explains why these binding agreements between nations still matter today.

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    Featured Speakers & Events

    Opening Ceremony & Reception—September 22, Library 103, 12:30 pm

    Annamarie Hill, Executive Director of the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, is the featured speaker at the opening ceremony. Her talk is entitled, "Creating and Sustaining Lasting Partnerships and Programs: How the "Why Treaties Matter" Exhibit Came to Be."

    Academic Conference—September 23, CMU 101, 9 am-3 pm

    The Sovereignty of Native Nations in the US and International Implications of Indigenous Rights.

    Dr. Terry Janis, President, White Earth Tribal & Community College—2 pm.

    Faculty Brown Bag Discussions around Exhibit—Faculty Development Center, September 24 at 1 pm & Sept. 25 at 3 pm

    Keynote Address—September 30, Library 103, 7:30 pm

    Why Treaties Matter: A Brief History of Federal Indian Policy

    Dr. Tadd Johnson, Professor & Chair of American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota Duluth

    Lecture—October 1, Library 103, 12 Noon  

    Wampum Belts & Treaties

    Damian Webster, singer with the drum group Rivers Edge, former president of the UND Indian Studies Association, and currently the secretary for the Northstar Council, a nonprofit organization in Grand Forks

    Lecture—October 1, Library 103, 7:00 pm
    As Long as the Grass Grows and the Water Flows: The Continuing Vitality of Indian Treaties

    Hon. B. J. Jones, Tribal Judge & Director of the Tribal Judicial Institute, University of North Dakota School of Law

    Lecture—October 2, Library 103, 7:00 pm

    The Impact of Treaties on Ojibwe Language and Culture Revitalization

    Dr. Wendy Makoons Geniusz, Associate Professor, Ojibwe Language, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

    Lecture—October 6, Library 103, 7:30 pm

    Treaties Are More Than a Piece of Paper

    Dr. Gwen Westerman, poet, fiber artist, Professor of English & Director, Humanities Program, Minnesota State University Mankato


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