Sexual Violence Victim/Survivor Information

  • It is important to understand that the following is information the University has a responsibility to provide and share with any student who has stated he/she has experienced an incident of sexual violence and/or sexual assault. Below is information to share with the individual—to choose how to proceed:

    [PDF version of this information]

    Do you want to talk to someone?

    • On campus support services: Lynn Peterson, Hendrix Clinic & Counseling Center, 218.477.2211
      (Public Safety officers contact immediately—after hours)
    • Off campus support services: Rape & Abuse Crisis Line, 701.293.7273

    Do you want to go to the hospital?

    • Essentia Health: 701.364.8400
      3000 32nd Avenue South, Fargo
    • Sanford Health: 701.234.2000
      5225 23rd Avenue South, Fargo

    Do you want to file a complaint with law enforcement?

    • Police: 701.451.7660 (dispatch)
    • Moorhead Police Department, 915 9th Avenue North, Moorhead
    • Fargo Police Department, 222 4th St N, Fargo

    Do you want to file a complaint with campus?

    • Public Safety, 1616 9th Ave South, 218.477.2449
    • Ashley Atteberry, Title IX Compliance Coordinator, Owens Hall 206, 218.477.2174,

    Please note, you may file a complaint at any time—now or in the future.

    Do you want to anonymously submit information about the assault?

    Important Principles


    MSUM will make every reasonable effort to preserve an individual’s privacy and protect the confidentiality of information related to sexual assault.

    The University may issue a timely warning, a brief description including time and location, to notify the community about the occurrence of a serious crime or pattern of crimes that might put the public at risk. Timely warnings do not specify victim-identifying information.

    Required Reports

    Any university employee who is not a confidential employee (e.g. Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center psychologists, Coordinator of Sexual Assault Services) who has been informed of an alleged incident of sexual violence must follow university procedures for reporting to the Title IX Coordinator, via the provide confidential reporting form on this web page, in person, or through MSUM Public Safety department.

    Institutional Obligation

    Because sexual assault is a serious crime that may threaten the community as a whole, the University is obliged to pursue an alleged sexual assault through internal investigatory procedures to the fullest extent possible, which may be limited by the lack of information or a withdrawn complaint.

    MSUM Sexual Violence Policy