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    Blackfriars is the theatre student honor society and an MSUM service organization.  This club coordinates social activities, banquets and field trips for students interested in theatre. Membership is open to all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Minnesota State University Moorhead.

    FM Dance Repertory Theatre

    FM Dance Repertory Theatre is an organization that endeavors to increase awareness of dance within the Fargo/Moorhead community. We seek to provide a supportive and productive environment for the exploration of choreography and performance through staging productions, holding master classes, hosting social events and attending professional dance performances.

    FM Dance Repertory Theatre is open to all those within the Fargo/Moorhead community who are interested in dance and committed to the purposes and activities of the organization. This organization shall be recognized as a Tri-College organization.

    Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

    Started in 1969 by Roger L. Stevens, the Kennedy Center's founding chairman, the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) is a national theater program involving 18,000 students from colleges and universities nationwide which has served as a catalyst in improving the quality of college theater in the United States. The KCACTF has grown into a network of more than 600 academic institutions throughout the country, where theater departments and student artists showcase their work and receive outside assessment by KCACTF respondents.

    The goals of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival are:

    • To encourage, recognize, and celebrate the finest and most diverse work produced in university and college theater programs;
    • To provide opportunities for participants to develop their theater skills and insight; and achieve professionalism;
    • To improve the quality of college and university theater in America;
    • To encourage colleges and universities to give distinguished productions of new plays, especially those written by students; the classics, revitalized or newly conceived; and experimental works.

    Through state, regional, and national festivals, KCACTF participants celebrate the creative process, see one another's work, and share experiences and insights within the community of theater artists. The KCACTF honors excellence of overall production and offers student artists individual recognition through awards and scholarships in playwriting, acting, criticism, directing, and design.

    For more information, please refer to

    United States Institute of Theatre Technology

    The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) is a place to network, exchange ideas, and grow. USITT has been serving professionals and pre-professionals in design, production, and technology for the performing arts since 1960. USITT provides benefits, learning opportunities, and networking for over 3,700 members worldwide.

    MSUM Theatre Arts is highly connected to both the regional and national USITT conference held annually. Interested students are connected with the USITT and its vision:

    • USITT will be a prominent leader of theatre and entertainment design, management, and technology through our conferences, exhibitions, awards, publications, and research. USITT is dedicated to the professional development of those who are an integral part of the performing arts and entertainment industry.
    • USITT will promote the best of design and technology through exhibitions, which are widely distributed to new audiences;
    • USITT will actively promote and support research and development today that creates the theatre of the future;
    • USITT will honor the best of theatre design, management, and technology through nationally - and internationally - recognized awards;
    • USITT will be the documentary body for the history of design, management, and technology in the performing arts and entertainment industry;
    • USITT will disseminate information about the history of the field, and aesthetic and technological developments by producing the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo, tours, and symposia;
    • USITT will advocate for safe, efficient, and ethical practices;
    • USITT will continue to strengthen the organizational operations of the Institute and National Office;
    • USITT will grow and provide valuable services to our membership and insure that interests of members are represented regionally, nationally, and internationally

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