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  • Meet the Theatre Arts Students

Theatre Arts

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  • Meet the Students

    Theatre Arts students are doing amazing things. Our students embrace diversity, challenges, opportunities, unique experiences and continue to produce incredible results. Theatre students participate in student organizations, attend, present and compete at regional and national conferences, collaborate on faculty-mentored projects, and more.

    See what the students from the Theatre Arts Department are doing.

    Points of Pride

  • Matt Englund - Students
    Matt Englund

    Theatre Arts

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  • Sean Palmer - Students
    Sean Palmer

    Theatre Arts

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  • Carolyn Schmitz, Theatre Arts

    “Each one of the professors are very, very different, and they have different styles of teaching. That’s also very helpful because if you are an actor, you are not going to see the same director when you go from place to place. They definitely offer variety.”

    “The MSUM Theatre Arts department focuses on teaching you all of the areas. If you come in as an actor, everyone has to learn the tech side of theatre or design. We have costuming classes, how to build sets, or how to design things. The people that are on the tech side have to take acting, dancing and singing classes. You really get a feel for everything, which definitely broadens your horizons for the future because you have more job possibilities.”

  • Nikko Raymo, Theatre Arts

    “My freshman year they did RENT, and I wasn’t expecting to get anything. I got a call back for one of the lead roles, Angel, and then I ended up getting the part. That’s something I’m pretty proud of. Whether you’re a theatre major, or minor, or non-declared, just try out because they will give you a chance.”

    “I did Straw Hat this summer and I was in five shows. It was a great learning experience. It taught me whether I really want this, because Straw Hat summer theatre is really intensive. It tests the water to see if you can handle it.”

    “There is sketch comedy within the department. It’s basically like Saturday Night Live. We get together every Tuesday night at 10:00 and we write sketches about funny things and then we perform them. We do three shows a semester.”

  • Anne Brown, Theatre Arts

    MSUM theatre really pushed me as an actor. In acting courses the teachers stretched our ability based on our own personal progress. The students were treated as individuals, all on our own growth path. That's something I appreciated about the department. The professors knew your specific potential and they knew you could exceed those goals." 

    "During my four Summer's of Straw Hat and my 3 and a half years of school, I was cast as vastly different characters. I learned so much about comedy and physicality when I played the crazy villain or the angry mom, but there were also roles in which I played a more intimate character."

    "Within the past year of living in the twin cities I've used all that experience at MSUM to be a more diverse performer.”