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  • Past Projects

Office of Campus Sustainability

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  • Past Projects

    The OCS and the Green Dragons take strides to be involved in as much community outreach and events as we can manage. Here are links to a few pictures from the 2012-2013 year.

    Move-In Day

    Move-in day on campus creates a large amount of waste. The Office of Campus Sustainability decided to contribute by helping people to recycle their waste specifically cardboard. Kung Fu Boxo-rama was born, and we distributed stainless steel water bottles to students to thank them for their contributions.

    View photos from move-in day.

    Recycled Sculpture Competition

    The OCS sponsored a recycled materials competition to MSUM campus in late November.

    View photos from the Recycled Sculpture Competition.

    Do the Math Retreat

    A group of MSUM sustainability students and the Sustainability coordinator headed to the cities for a seminar which Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature, addressed pressing climate issues and what steps students and campuses can make to help out. The following day the Dragons attended the Minnesota Youth Environmental Network workshop held at the U of M campus. Brainstorming sessions and collaborating with other students was a large part of the workshop to help MN schools work together to tackle some of the tough issues Minnesotan’s will have to face in early December.

    View photos from the Do the Math Retreat.

    National Day of Service

    Tyler Anderson from the Student Council asked the OCS to take part in Obama's National Day of Service volunteer event on January 19th, so a couple of staff from the Office volunteered to provide a community hospitality outreach at a local recycling drop off point.

    View photos from the National Day of Service.

    Tapped Showing

    The Sustainability office was approached by two student residents of Snarr Hall in late 2012, with the idea to bring some attention to the campus about BPA water contamination. As a result we offered to help them organize a public showing of the movie Tapped, which centers around these key concepts.

    View photos from the Tapped Showing.