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  • Summer Session Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Session

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What courses are available?

    • Click on "Courses" then "Search Summer Courses"
    • Select the "Advanced Search" tab
    • Change Semester to "Summer 2018"
    • You can search by start date, or time, Subject or General Ed Code (Liberal Studies or Dragon Core)
    • At the bottom click on "Find Courses"

    How much will it cost and how do I pay my bill?
    Summer school tuition and fees may be found on the Tuition & Fees page.
    Keep in mind that if you are not a resident of Minnesota, you may need to apply for reciprocity.

    How do I apply for reciprocity?
    Visit this page for instructions.

    What textbooks will I need?
    All textbooks are located in the lower level of the Bookstore. It is important to bring a copy of your course schedule. The textbook sales floor is separated by academic department. First locate what department your course is in such as ENGL- locate English department, MATH- locate Math department, etc.


    What do I have to do if it is an online course?
    You register the same way. If you have more questions about this you can contact the Registrar's Office at 218.477.2565. Some courses may use Desire2Learn. For more information about online course delivery click here.

    What if I want to drop a course after it starts?

    • You have 5 business days to drop a course that meets 3 weeks or more.
    • You have 1 business day to drop a course that meets less than 3 weeks.
    • See the Summer drop rates on the Registrar's Home page.
    • If you do not drop the course on time, you will be financially obligated for the tuition.
    • Students can “Withdraw” from a course if they chose to after the free drop dates and a “W” grade will be posted to their transcript.