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Summer Session

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  • Summer Session 2018 Calendar

    3-Week Sessions
    May 16 - June 6
    June 13 - July 3
    July 9 - July 27
    4-Week Sessions
    May 16 - June 13
    June 27 - July 25
    5-Week Sessions
    May 16 - June 20
    June 21 - July 27
    6-Week Sessions
    May 16 - June 28
    8-Week Sessions
    May 16 - July 10
    June 5 - July 27
    Full Term
    May 16 - July 27


    Free Add/Drop Dates for Summer Session is 5 business days from the course begin day.

    If dropping a course after the free drop deadline, it will show as a “W” withdrawal on your academic record and you will be financially responsible for the course.

  • Summer Session 2018

    April 3 Summer Registration Begins
    May 16 Summer Session Begins
    May 16 3-Week Session A Classes Begin
    4-Week Session D Classes Begin
    5-Week Session F Classes Begin
    6-Week Session H Classes Begin
    8-Week Session I Classes Begin
    Full Term Summer Session K Classes Begin
    May 22 Drop/Add Deadline (4:30 pm)
    3-Week Session A
    4-Week Session D
    5-Week Session F
    6-Week Session H
    8-Week Session I
    Full Term Summer Session K
    May 28 Memorial Day Holiday (no classes)
    June 5 8-Week Session J Classes Begin
    June 6 3-Week Session A Classes End
    June 11 Drop/Add Deadline (4:30 pm)
    8-Week Session J
    June 13 3-Week Session B Classes Begin
    4-Week Session D Classes End
    June 14 Financial Aid Disbursed
    June 15 Tuition Due Date
    June 19 Drop/Add Deadline (4:30 pm)
    3-Week Session B
    June 20 5-Week Session F Classes End
    June 21 5-Week Session G Classes Begin
    June 27 4-Week Session E Classes Begin
    June 27 Drop/Add Deadline (4:30 pm)
    5-Week Session G
    June 28 6-Week Session H Classes End
    July 3 Drop/Add Deadline (4:30 pm)
    4-Week Session E
    July 3 3-Week Session B Classes End
    July 4 July 4th Holiday (no classes)
    July 9 3-Week Session C Classes Begin
    July 10 8-Week Session I Classes End
    July 13 Drop/Add Deadline (4:30 pm)
    3-Week Session C
    July 25 4-Week Session E Classes End
    July 27 3-Week Session C Classes End
    5-Week Session G Classes End
    8-Week Session J Classes End
    Full Term Summer Session K Classes End
    July 27 Summer Session Ends