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Study Abroad

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  • Advising for Study Abroad: Basics, Programs, Options by Class Standing

    Best semester to go abroad?
    Varies by individual preference and major requirements and course availability.

    Global options.

    Anywhere from 'equal to MSUM plus a plane ticket' to 'the sky's the limit'. Financial aid generally applies toward cost.

    Type of program?
    language acquisition
    major-related coursework

    'Study Abroad' refers to a student going abroad for a semester, school year, or summer. 'Short-term faculty-led course' refers to a course abroad for a short amount of time.

    MSUM has two Exchange Programs that are linked to specific majors:

    • Lincoln, England: Film, Graphic Comm, Mass Comm, Entertainment Industries & Technology
    • Japan- language acquisition for students with 2 years of college level Japanese- East Asian Studies + others

    Third-party providers feature coursework in a number of majors.

    Study abroad options by student grade level:
    (Students must meet entry requirements/complete prerequisites, if any)

    Freshmen no credits transferred in faculty-led short-term courses
    Freshmen credits transferred in (such as PSEO, AP, concurrent enrollment) faculty-led short-term courses, Eurospring, third-party programs (spring)
    Sophomore   all programs except major-related exchanges and internships
    Junior   all programs
    Senior   Eurospring, external programs, internships, faculty-led short-term courses

    What can departments do to encourage your students to study abroad?

    First, offer specific options that will tailor well with your curriculum.

    • If your major features heavy coursework in the junior and senior years, recommend that students go on a LASC- based program during their sophomore year (Eurospring, Norway, Australia, Keele, others); offer programs with transferrable coursework within the major for the junior year.
    • If your major is a four-year curriculum with little room for variance (such as certain Education & health majors), offer options that can be fit it to that reality, such as short-term faculty-led courses, or summer programs from third-party providers. Education also offers student teaching abroad.

    Second, consider including study abroad in your four-year degree plans, and encourage faculty to talk up recommended programs to freshmen and sophomore advisees.

    Finally, refer interested transfer students immediately, as later planning can result in more difficult placement into an appropriate program.

    Want to set up a departmental meeting or ask questions?
    Contact Janet Haak, Director of Study Abroad: