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  • If you dream of living in England and studying in Europe, Eurospring is the ideal program for you. For 35 years, Dragons have found Eurospring to meet many of their needs and goals. On this full-semester program you’ll earn 15 credits total, including LASC and WI credits. Students spend eight weeks abroad, which is great for those who can’t manage four months away.

    Students who study abroad report many personal gains, such as increased self-confidence, problem-solving, and intercultural competence. These personal gains (and others) also serve as professional skills that employers value. How does Eurospring get you there? Eurospring provides a mix of two distinct experiences. First, students live and study in England for five weeks. Then, they travel to different countries in Europe for additional study for the final three weeks. This time abroad is linked by the unique coursework that Eurospring offers which allows students to play an important role in designing parts of their studies.

    The courses in the program are linked by the2019 theme “Human Rights: Slavery, Social Conflict, and Liberty in the US, UK, and Europe”. Projected dates abroad are March 7 – May 4.
    Program leaders for 2019 are Dr. Sean Taylor, History Professor, and Janet Haak, Director of Study Abroad. Dr. Taylor will incorporate Reacting to the Past to allow students to participate in role-playing game simulations to deepen understanding of historic events and their contemporary relevance. The program is a rich mix of history and current events.

    Eurospring features:

    • Eight weeks of research and preparation for the experience.
    • Coursework includes readings, museum and archive visits, and field trips to slavery and human rights museums in Liverpool, London, and Amsterdam.
    • Students will live in Oxford for three weeks, and Alnwick Castle in Northumberland for two weeks (including a stop in Scotland), and have probable visits to Belfast, Paris, Siena, Florence, Venice, Prague, Budapest, and Amsterdam while on the continent.
    • Additional field trips include the ancient sites of Avebury and Stonehenge, the Portsmouth Dockyard Museum, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Terezin Concentration Camp, and the Danube River UNESCO World Heritage Area.
    • A comprehensive set of pre-departure preparation orientation and post-return reflection modules.
    • Coursework: You’ll earn 15 upper-division credits through Eurospring.
      • Six credits are in MSUM LASC goal areas, with one course in the Humanities (area 6, cross-listed into area 8, Global), and one in History and Social Sciences (area 5, plus Writing Intensive designation).
      • Three credits are the study tour course.
      • Six of these credits are earned while in England and feature guest lecturers from Oxford.
      • Flexible and dynamic assessment allows students to pursue individual interests under the guidance of the study tour leaders.
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    Eurospring is absolutely mind opening and necessary complement to any education.