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  • Student Senate Committees

Student Senate

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  • Student Senate Committees

    As a senate committee member or a chair you can make things happen! If you want to change class registration rules or want to hold an event by bringing Hillary Clinton, you can do it by being on these committees. They are what helps Student Senate act on what they care the most about! 

    Campus Affairs

    The Campus Affairs Committee oversees the policies, concerns, and issues that affect the entire campus. This committee reviews and creates policies and procedures to protect the campus community in both external relationships, as well as internal operations. Campus Affairs’ policy areas include but not limited to academic affairs, administrative affairs, alumni relations, and cultural diversity and student affairs.

    The vice president of Student Senate shall monitor this committee. 

    Legislative and Internal Affairs

    Research of pertinent issues, position development and execution of lobbying activities on behalf of the student body shall be the main function of this committee. Legislative Affairs shall be responsible for developing and maintaining platforms for local, state, and national lobbying, this committee shall also act as a rules committee for the body outside of regular meetings, reviewing and developing standing rules and bylaws.

    The president of Student Senate shall monitor this committee. 

    Public Relations

    Public Relations committee shall be focused on but not limited to education of the student body on pertinent issues, media relations and development and research and analysis the Student Body opinions. Adding to that, PRC should continue executing marketing plans for the Student Senate.

    The Treasurer of Student Senate shall monitor this committee.

    Student Affairs Oversight

    Student Affairs Oversight Committee shall be responsible for keeping the Student Senate informed and updated on the current usage of existing tuition and fees and proposed ways to recommend the future use of tuition and fees. This committee is responsible for generating recommendations on future tuition and fee levels and the items that shall be funded by this money. This committee is to appoint students to university committees and oversee the function of them. This committee is highly encouraged to work with student representative on university fee committees to enact the senate’s recommendations.

    The treasure of Student Senate shall monitor this committee.

    Diversity Committee

    The Diversity Committee shall be responsible for promoting various organizations and events on campus, with the goal of supporting equality and respect among the population of Minnesota State University Moorhead. Such responsibilities include but are not limited to working with the University Diversity committee, student organizations, MSUSA Diversity Specialist, and collaborating with said organizations, etc. in planning and endorsing Diversity Week, which is Sponsored by Student Senate, at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

    Academic Affairs Committee

    The Academic Affairs Committee oversees all activities that support the academic mission of the University. The work of the Academic Affairs Committee includes the articulation of the academic mission of the University, enhancing the quality of the academic program, considering new academic programs and significant modifications in existing academic programs, all matters relating to the graduate and professional student experience, which include academic, extra-curricular, and co-curricular affairs, and overseeing strategic planning for the University and its constituent schools.