Additional Accessibility Support & Services

Many services and agencies are available to serve people with disabilities, including information, advocacy, funding and academic assistance. If you don’t find the help you’re looking for, contact the Director of Accessibility Resources, for assistance.

  • Read & Write Gold software, which is installed in some computer labs on campus, is designed to help individuals of all ages, abilities and learning styles, with tools including text-to-speech, screenshot reader, concept mapper, voice note and more.
  • Regional Assistive Technology Center
    The MSU Moorhead Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic Regional Assistive Technology Center (RATC) was established to provide communication devices and knowledge of augmentative communication systems to consumers, families and professionals in Minnesota and North Dakota. In addition to providing knowledge about and services for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, the center also provides information about and services for assistive technology.

Educational Testing Services Accommodations
If you need accommodations for an exam administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS), such as PRAXIS exams or GRE, you must submit documentation to ETS Disability Services. Please note, approval for accommodations for MSUM classes does not guarantee accommodations for ETS exams. ETS Disability Services, not MSUM Accessibility Resources, determines accommodations for ETS exams.