Dining Meal Plans

  • Residential Meal Plan Options

    2016-2017 residential meal plans come with Dragon Dollars and Guest Passes and are priced per semester.

    Residential Meal Plans Dragon Dollars Guest Passes Available To Price per Semester
    Unlimited Dining $150 5 All Residents $1,502
    Unlimited Dining $250 10 All Residents $1,576
    Unlimited Dining $325 15 All Residents $1,626
    200 Meals per Semester $150 0 Upperclass Students $1,292
    120 Meals per Semester $250 0 Upperclass Students $1,292
    50 Meals per Semester $200 0 Upperclass Students $631

    *Upperclass is defined as a student who has earned 24+ credits (credits may not be earned by exam or during dual enrollment in high school)

    Commuter, Faculty & Staff Meal Plan Options

    2016-2017 commuter, faculty and staff plans are valid on a per semester basis.

    Commuter Meal Plans Meals at Kise Dragon Dollars Price
    Casual Dinner 5 0 $48
    Social Dinner 25 0 $240
    Regular Dinner 45 0 $432
    Frequent Dinner 65 0 $624
    $100 Dragon Dollars 3 $100 $129
    $150 Dragon Dollars 6 $150 $208
    $200 Dragon Dollars 8 $200 $277
    $300 Dragon Dollars 11 $300 $406
    $500 Dragon Dollars 17 $500 $664

    Dragon Dollars

    Dragon Dollars are as good as cash with extra benefits! It’s a popular way to make your food dollars go farther. Dragon Dollars turn your Dragon Card into a debit card for use at any Dining Services venue. You can even use them in Kise Commons for yourself and your guests. Whenever you make a purchase, the amount is subtracted from the account balance. As an extra benefit, purchases with Dragon Dollars are not subject to sales tax. Dragon Dollar balances can easily be tracked online or at any dining services location. Leftover Dragon Dollars roll over from fall to spring, but must be used by May graduation.

    Guest Passes

    Guest Passes are free meals in the campus dining center. Guest passes allow residents to treat their family and friends to dine with them in Kise Commons. Leftover guest passes roll over from fall to spring, but must be used by May graduation.

    If you have a resident meal plan and would like to change it, please use the request to change meal plan online form.