Humble Servant

Transforming lives one at a time

Beth (Grabinger) Wolf ’84 (speech language hearing sciences) and ’85 (speech language pathology and audiology) is not only an entrepreneur with her husband, Pastor Dale Wolf ’85 (history), co-founders of Lighthouse Church, she is also an entrepreneur in her own right – as a self-employed speech therapist for the past 16 years.

Her soft-spoken words and humble heart hesitantly talk about her own success, but the limited availability of taking on new clients is a strong indicator of her professional success.

Beth’s extensive experience includes working at various school districts and speech pathology agencies, owning/directing/teaching at a preschool, and teaching and doing clinical supervision of aspiring speech therapists at the college level, including adjunct instructor and clinical supervisor at MSUM from 2005 to 2012.

While her profession brings her great joy and satisfaction in helping people overcome their challenges, if she could work full time at Lighthouse Church, she would.

“If I could keep doing all the things I’m doing at the church and not have to worry about an income, I would love that,” she said. “Maybe someday I’ll be able to focus solely on the church.”

Her passion has always been with the church. Growing up she was actively involved with youth league, Sunday school, church choir, Bible school, liturgical dance. Her family and youth director encouraged her spiritual growth.

When she found her soul male in Dale, she knew she would follow his calling and find a way to grow her own profession wherever they landed. She says most churches didn’t expect to get a two-for-one when they hired Dale, but adds, “They were gracious to allow me to be involved.”

They inspire and support each other and have created a beautiful, and sometimes messy, life together.

If Dale’s first alcohol treatment had worked, he’d likely be back at his former church growing that ministry. However, the relapses and the break from the former church are what led to Lighthouse Church. And to Beth finding her passion directing music ministry.

“There was definitely a reason for all of this,” Beth says. “God wasn’t done working with Dale, and I think through Dale He’s shining the light in a lot of people’s darkness. I was there to support him.”

Well, she did more than support him. She is integral to the Lighthouse’s growth.

She teaches the children’s sermon. She directs Sunday school and helps with Bible school. She serves on the board. She is on the Celebrate Recovery Ministry Team and the Life Transition Team. And she leads the worship team.

“When I’m up front singing and see the whole congregation singing with us, and I know where some of those lives have come from and how life is changing for them, it’s amazing,” Beth said. “Lighthouse is a place for people to learn and grow in their faith and to experience an accepting church family.

“As a student I learned how to be flexible and to manage many things at the same time. Those things have helped me personally, but learning to deal with a spouse with alcoholism wasn’t one of my courses!”

While the journey has been unexpected, she says the experience of addiction has transformed both of them.

“I would have never dreamt this is where we would be on our life’s plan, but our life’s plan isn't necessarily God’s plan,” she said. “He didn’t send me a postcard and say I should help Dale start Lighthouse Church. He had us go through a rocky path to get to that point.”

“Our job is to love people where they’re at. It’s God’s job to do what He wants to do in their lives.”


This story was first published in Moorhead Magazine, Fall 2017.

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