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Lof is Leaving a Legacy for Students

Gregg recently started an endowed scholarship in his name with the MSUM Foundation and also left an estate gift, ensuring that even after he passes away, students will be helped out financially for years to come.

Speech-language pathology student explores how cultural competence influences diagnoses of signed language disorders

An undergraduate degree requirement to study two semesters of a foreign language became the inspiration for Speech-Language Pathology graduate student Kelsey Thorsness’ portfolio project.

Regaining Voices

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic is helping patients regain their voices as a SPEAK OUT!® and LOUD Crowd® provider.

Heart of Dragons

Grit. Humility. Heart. These are the defining characteristics of the students who pass through our front gates and triumph in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Lighthouse

Dale Wolf ’85 (history) and Beth (Grabinger) Wolf ’84 (speech language hearing sciences) and ’85 (speech language pathology & audiology) are partners in life and in work.

Humble Servant

Beth (Grabinger) Wolf ’84 and ’85 is not only an entrepreneur with her husband, Pastor Dale Wolf ’85, co-founders of Lighthouse Church, she is also an entrepreneur in her own right—as a self-employed speech therapist for the past 16 years.

Providing Hope a Reality

These MSUM alumni and faculty, although from varied backgrounds with different degrees and career fields, all conduct research across the world. Their association with MSUM has shaped their careers. They are researchers, exercising influence and making a big difference – successful alumni and faculty who are transforming our mental and physical wellness, changing our lives for the better and providing hope a reality.