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Rethinking Admissions: Maybe ‘fit’ is not the answer

Director of Graduate Studies Maya Sosa Machado, PhD, shares what MSUM graduate studies looks for in candidates and discusses what has changed in recent years. It has become less about finding the perfect "fit" and more about finding unique voices and new perspectives.

The Sound of Progress

This week, construction has started on the upcoming MSUM Foundation’s Alumni Center. Having been decades in the making, the Alumni Center will be complete by late summer in 2024.

Fast Friends, Great Beer and Wide Smiles

English and film graduates Sean Syverson and John Kapla own one of downtown Moorhead's newest taverns, Swing Barrel Brewing.

Shrinking the Gap: The Gender Minority in Early Childhood Education

Alonzo Cruz, an MSUM early education major highlighted the importance of male representation in the classroom and addressed the stigma and under-representation of men as educators at this year's Student Academic Conference. 

Newton's Law of Cooling Applied to Jack's Pizza

Matthew Davis, Luke Meyer, and Max Sheridan have applied Newton’s Law of Cooling to answer a burning question: what is the perfect temperature to enjoy a slice of Jack’s pizza?

Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Amanda Korynta

Meet Amanda Korynta, the new assistant director of the Human Resources department. She is here to provide support and guidance to faculty and staff so they can do their best.

MSUM Foundation welcomes new board members

The MSUM Foundation is proud to welcome four members to the MSUM Foundation Board. Their terms began July 1, 2022.

MSUM Doctoral student presents research on first-generation student retention

David Wolff, a Doctorate student in the educational leadership program, presented his graduate dissertation, “Retaining First-Generation College Students: Faculty and Staff Perceptions,” at this year's Student Academic Conference.

Toshiko Takaezu: Heritage as it Relates to Artistic Adversity

Ada Schlapkohl will use the Student Academic Conference to bring attention to Toshiko Takaezu, a female artist deserving of more recognition. 

Celebrating Our Rich Diversity

Join MSUM in the Celebration of Nations and the Woodlands and High Plains Powwow to celebrate the diversity that enriches our community.

Connecting Core Values

Angela Bellanger, director of MSUM’s Counseling Services, connects her native teachings from her youth to prosper in her work on campus. 

MSUM duo inspires creative collaboration

Art faculty members Brad Bachmeier and Zhimin Guan have completed their second collaborative art exhibit, "Convergence/Transcendence." Collaboration is essential to the art world as it allows artists to explore new creative avenues together.