Celebrating Dragon Veterans 2021 – Peyton Schwehr

Celebrating Dragon Veterans 2021 – Peyton Schwehr

At MSUM, we value the dedication, responsibility and leadership veterans bring to our university, both as students and as employees. We proudly honor all veterans who have served our country and recognize a few of our Dragon veterans for their commitment to serve and protect.  

Peyton Schwehr, Computer Information Systems

Dilworth native Peyton Schwehr is in his first year at MSUM studying computer information systems. He is a cyber systems operator for the Air National Guard in Grand Forks, N.D., where he has served for nearly three years. His duties include configuring computers, troubleshooting, creating accounts and installing software and updates. 

Peyton always considered studying a technology-related field. “After a year of taking computer science courses, I realized I was not interested in pursuing jobs in that career field. Instead, I was more interested in the privacy and security of data, so I switched to computer information systems,” Peyton said.

Peyton is glad he decided to enroll in the military after high school as it helped guide him in the right direction.

“My experience with the military has been positive. It has shown me the importance of being courteous and striving to be a positive role model for others. The military has given me an affordable option to go to college, an excuse to travel to other countries, and a great way to build connections for future employment opportunities,” Peyton said.

During basic training, Peyton spent nine weeks with days filled with constant activity. “Days were usually packed with PT (physical training), classes and appointments. Around 8 p.m., the drill sergeant would leave and that would be the time to ourselves,” he said.

Because of that, graduation made him feel accomplished. After nine weeks, he appreciated seeing his dad and was glad to have had the opportunity to sightsee in San Antonio, Texas. “The River Walk was inspiring. I also got to visit the Alamo and SeaWorld. Getting to explore the entire base after being confined to such a small space was great, too,” Peyton said.

Service to country runs in Peyton’s family.

  • His brother does ammunitions for the Army.
  • His father was a firefighter in the Air Force and served in Italy.
  • One grandfather was an officer in the Air Force and did two tours in Vietnam; another grandfather served in the Navy loading planes with supplies in WWII.
  • His great uncle served in the Air Force for security forces and did a tour in Vietnam.
  • One uncle was a paratrooper in the Army completing tours in Afghanistan; another uncle and aunt both served in the Navy.

Peyton is proud to carry on his family’s tradition. He will celebrate Veterans Day with his dad.

“The military is not for everyone. Many sacrifices need to be made, but I think it’s well worth it,” Peyton said.

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