Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Whitney Mead

Meet Whitney Mead, a new assistant professor in the Speech Language Hearing Sciences program. She is teaching undergraduate courses as well as supervising the clinical practicum for graduate level students.

Q: What drew you to MSUM? 
A: I was looking for an opportunity to connect with students within the SLHS field. There is a need for speech language pathologists in the area right now. I wanted to assist in that development of skills to help facilitate the graduation rate and further their career.

Q: How do you start your workday? 
A: I have coffee, get my kids ready for the day, and then get to campus to get ready for my own day.

Q: What is something you are learning right now? 
A: I’ve been learning about teaching at the collegiate level and the technology that comes with it. I’ve also been learning to navigate life with two young kids.

Q: What is a piece of advice you like? 
A: Always be flexible. I think that’s an important piece of advice that comes into play in life and education.

Q: What is your favorite kind of dessert? 
A: Either cheesecake or Dairy Queen ice cream cakes.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily, Whitney! 


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