Welcome to the #DragonFamily: Steve Sjoberg

Meet Steve Sjoberg, MSUM’s new director of Foundation marketing & communications. He provides leadership for the MSUM Foundation team to keep in touch with our alumni.

Q: What drew you to MSUM? 
A: I’ve been in town a long time and MSUM has always had a strong brand presence. Everyone that I know who works here always has great things to say about it.

Q: What energizes you at work? 
A: I enjoy working collaboratively and bouncing ideas off other people. Being creative in a team and sharing a message to an audience is something I love doing.

Q: What is something you are learning right now? 
A: The rhythm of campus. Everything is new to me, so understanding what everything will be like when students are back in the Fall will be fun to experience.

Q: What is your favorite holiday? 
A: Christmas.

Q: Do you prefer pancakes, waffles or French toast? 
A: French toast.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily, Steve!  

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